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In Vancouver, women are second-class citizens. The city that rescinded grant for woman-only rape shelter intends to spend $3.8 million to create a facility that is only for transgender people. Vancouver city council, the same council that garnered international outrage after it stripped funding from Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter (VRR) for being female-only, has now invested CAD $3.8 million into housing for transgender-identified people. The first single-resident-occupancy (SRO) that is specifically and only for those persons who identify as transgender, gender diverse, or two-spirited. The Ross-Aoki House will be in Downtown Eastside, and will have room for 24 residents. The city used funds from its Empty Home Tax to buy the 24-bed Ross-Aoki House, which will be staffed by the non-profit organization Atira. In its 2021 budget, council identified their intention to focus on “equity and critical social issues.”

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