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Conservative Jobs & Industry critic Pierre Poilievre is ripping the establishment media, as they continue to lay the groundwork for the early election that Justin Trudeau seems to want. Here’s what Poilievre said on Twitter: “State media, who in my opinion are PMO mouthpieces, are out beating the drum for an early election today. With the worst joblessness, deficit & vaccine rates in the G7, we should be talking about Trudeau’s resignation, not a promotion.” Poilievre’s direct communication style has brought attention to the failures of the Trudeau government, and even garnered the attention of the media who would often rather focus on everything else. Now, with a new person in the high-profile role of Conservative finance critic (a move criticized by many CPC supporters), Poilievre still retains a connection with the party base through social media, and his willingness to rip into the liberals and the media continues to expose how biased coverage often is.

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