Watch: Absolute Panic Sweeps Bridge as Rough Waves Snap Freighter’s Hull in Two, Sink Ship with Crew Still Aboard


The sea has been indispensable to the growth and development of human civilization. Simply put, it is among the roots of our modern economy, and there is no way we could live without it. However, the sea has always been an erstwhile ally, at best. From the Odyssey to Moby-Dick, humanity has captured the majesty, power and sometimes cruelty of the Earth’s waters in our culture and literature. A recent tragedy in the Black Sea, off the coast of Turkey, serves as another reminder. According to the Maritime Executive, the MV Arvin, a 46-year-old Turkish freighter en route from the country of Georgia to Bulgaria, sought shelter from a powerful storm at the Bartin, Turkey, anchorage on Jan. 15. Of the 12 crew members — two Russian nationals and 10 Ukrainians — half were recovered alive by the Turkish Coast Guard, while, tragically, the other half were either recovered deceased or are still missing.

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