Trudeau’s Approval Rating Worsens, Yet Liberals Maintain Narrow Lead

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With most Canadians seeing the vaccine rollout as a failure, Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has turned negative once again. The latest Angus Reid poll shows Trudeau’s net approval rating is -7, with 45% of Canadians approving of him while 52% disapprove. Compared the January 2021 Angus Reid poll, Trudeau’s approval rating his down 5 points, while his disapproval rating is up 4 points. Since taking office, Trudeau has grown less and less popular ever year, until the Wuhan Virus hit. Trudeau’s numbers have turned around since the first Quarter of 2019, with those who ‘strongly disapprove’ of him declining from 47% to 33%, while those who ‘moderately approve’ rising from 23% to 36%. However, Trudeau’s recovery in public opinion appears to be stagnating and starting to revert to the previous trend.