Trudeau Liberals could force private-sector employers to hire more French speakers

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A proposal from the cabinet would rewrite the Official Languages Act that would compel the private sector to hire French speakers, even in provinces with next to no French-English bilingualism. “French is a minority language in this country and the Government of Canada recognizes the need to intervene vigorously to counter and remedy its decline,” the report read, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. “However, this important role cannot happen through government action alone.” The newest version of the Act would expand mandatory French to 18,000 businesses already regulated by the federal government. The new act could encompass airports, banks, marine shippers, TV stations, and interprovincial truckers. “The Government of Canada considers it important to act upon these companies to promote and protect the use of French as a language of service and work,” providing “a power to encourage federally-regulated private businesses to promote the equal status of the official languages in order to increase the use of French.”