Trudeau Cabinet Abstention From Vote On China’s Genocide Of The Uyghurs Is A Shameful Moment In Canadian History

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There has been much praise, and deservedly so, for the MPs who voted in favour of the Conservative motion to declare China’s actions against the Uyghur’s as a genocide. That praise has extended to the many Liberal MPs who voted for it, in the face of what was likely pressure from the PMO for them to abstain or push back. Rather than go along with Trudeau’s continuing disturbing refusal to show courage on China, those MPs chose to be on the right side of history. By contrast, Trudeau and the Liberal cabinet, representing the executive arm of the Canadian government, have undertaken an historically shameful display of cowardice. They neither had the guts to say they oppose the motion, nor to vote for it. Instead, they sent out Marc Garneau to abstain ‘on behalf of the government,’ even though Members votes can only represent their own role as a constituent representative, not other MPs. Basically, they used Garneau as the face of that cowardly move.