Adamson Barbecue billed $187,000 by City of Toronto for November protests

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Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly has received an invoice from the City of Toronto amounting to $187,030.56 for the lockdown protests held at his restaurant last year. “This is the invoice Toronto sent me for the police they hired to keep everyone safe from my brisket,” Skelly said after revealing the bill on Instagram. The invoice came from the Toronto Board of Health. Most of the amount, totaling $165,188.73, was from Toronto Police Services. In November, Skelly opened Adamson Barbecue in protest of Ontario’s lockdown of businesses. Adamson Barbecue served customers for three days, each time facing police efforts to stop them. Toronto Police reportedly paid a locksmith to change the locks on the building to prevent staff and customers from entering. Skelly was eventually arrested.