Watch: ‘What the hell was he thinking?’ Pierre Poilievre slams Trudeau over COVID vaccine failures

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MP Pierre Poilievre had a lot of tough words for Prime Minister Trudeau on Friday regarding what he called Canada’s failure to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine. The tweet is simply captioned “What the hell was he thinking?” Poilievre said in the House of Commons: “As the new UK variant starts to spread, Canadians were looking for some reassurance from the Chief Public Health Officer, but this is what she said: ‘For the next few months, we’re not going to have a lot of people vaccinated. That’s a fact.'” “And she’s right. We are now ranked 52nd. Fifty-one countries in the world are vaccinating quicker than us, many countries at six, seven and even 20 times the rate.” “What’s the Prime Minister’s plan now? Is he just going to lock us down forever?” Darren Fisher, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, took the question.