Vote passes recognizing China’s treatment of Uighurs as genocide

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Canadian lawmakers voted to support a motion formally recognizing China’s treatment of its ethnic Muslim Uighur population as a genocide on Monday. The Conservative motion passed overwhelmingly in the House of Commons with 266 votes to zero. The Liberal cabinet abstained from voting. China’s treatment of Uighurs in its Xinjiang province has been widely condemned by the international community. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has so far stopped short of calling the treatment of the Uighurs a genocide, calling the term a “loaded word” that should be used carefully. “A genocide determination on the side of the Canadian government would obviously spark a significant diplomatic clash between China and Canada simply because genocide is the worst crime a somebody can commit to an ethnic group,” Dr. Adrian Zenz, a researcher and expert on China’s minorities, told Global News. Passing the motion sends a “very strong message” to Beijing, he said, adding China would likely consider the vote’s passing sends “a huge affront.”