Former CBP Head: Biden Administration ‘Is Facilitating Illegal Immigration’ Into America

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Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told Fox News host Neil Cavuto late last week that the Biden administration is “facilitating illegal immigration” and that border authorities are already seeing crisis-level numbers under the new administration. “Look, back in 2019, one of the driving factors behind the unprecedented crisis was the fact that we have these significant loopholes, one of them being if you made it to [our] border, you’re going to be released to the United States, never to be heard from again, that’s not Right or Left thing, facts support that,” Morgan said. “And under the Trump administration, that was cut off in large part due to the Migrant Protection Protocol, the remain in Mexico program as most know it, and now, not only has that program been rescinded, but those that were already enrolled in the program, those are the people now that are being actively allowed in the United States, that all they’re doing is they’re coming to a port of entry and now they’re being allowed in…”