COVID Death Toll up More Than 25% During Biden’s First Month in Office

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As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden took a swaggering tone when asked about COVID-19 and said he would “shut down the virus” if elected. However, during his first month in office, almost 100,000 Americans have died, according to new statistics from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Based on the center’s numbers, as of Saturday, 99,763 U.S. residents had died since Biden took office. The death toll stood at 397,611 when Biden entered the White House, according to Breitbart News, and hit 498,05 as of Sunday, according to Johns Hopkins. Biden was long on plans and short on specifics when he toured a Pfizer plant Friday that produces coronavirus vaccine, according to a White House transcript of his comments. “I can’t give you a date when this crisis will end, but I can tell you we’re doing everything possible to have that day come sooner rather than later,” he said at the plant, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.