China has not given ‘sufficient original data’ on COVID origin: WH adviser

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China has not provided “sufficient original data” on the origins of the coronavirus, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday, as the international health community continues its inquiry into the deadly pandemic. The outbreak is believed to have begun in Wuhan in late 2019 — despite a massive, coordinated disinformation campaign by the Chinese Communist Party, attempting to shift responsibility by suggesting that the virus was manufactured in a US military lab and intentionally released as a bioweapon. “We need a credible, open, transparent international investigation led by the World Health Organization,” said Jake Sullivan during an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” The WHO is “about to come out with a report about the origins of the pandemic in Wuhan, China that we have questions about, because we do not believe that China has made available sufficient original data into how this pandemic began to spread, both in China and then eventually around the world,” continued Sullivan.