Rex Murphy: The electric snowmobile will save us all. The Liberals have said so

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Good to see Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan, is back in his office after his sojourn to dear Newfoundland, on behalf of Premier Furey, in the botched provincial election. The election itself was halted, or cancelled, or put on ice — to use a phrase — after the province had, for it, a huge spike in COVID cases. Prior to the — let’s call it a postponement — Mr. O’Regan was out doing the old door-to-door with various Liberal candidates, a sprightly sight for Newfoundlanders weary from lockdowns, February and firing up the woodstove. But as said he’s back now, and back at what remains his prime minister’s absolutely No. 1 fixation, trimming Canada’s carbon-dioxide emissions. Adorning Twitter Thursday was the minister’s message that — Hallelujah — “Electric snowmobiles will get us to net-zero.” How sweet it is to know after a full year of COVID and lockdowns, businesses failing from one coast to the other, people almost driven numb by anxiety and loss of normal socialization, that someone is keeping, as they say, their eye on the ball, and tending to the important things, namely, exhaust from winter recreational vehicles. And to think some complain they don’t have their priorities straight.