People who lost jobs in 2020 had wages below Canadian average, report says

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Canadians who lost their jobs due to the recession sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic all had something in common: They made $27.81 an hour or less. But the biggest decline in work was among the country’s very bottom wage earners, with an hourly wage under $13.91. Those findings are included in a report by CIBC Economics based on Statistics Canada data that shows that all the jobs The research steps back from the monthly fluctuations of Canada’s job numbers to reveal a dramatic widening of the country’s income gap due to the pandemic. “This is a very abnormal and asymmetrical crisis,” Benjamin Tal, the report’s author and CIBC’s deputy chief economist, said in an interview. “It’s a service-oriented crisis and that sector is populated by low paying jobs.” The report found that the lower the pay grade, the worse the job market performance was in 2020.lost in 2020 were among workers who earned below average wages.