Ontario Court Strikes Down Draconian Federal Election Censorship Law

Article Link: https://spencerfernando.com/2021/02/19/ontario-court-strikes-down-draconian-federal-election-censorship-law/

Amid an environment of further government control and further centralized efforts to limit free expression, there has been a rare win for free speech. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has struck down section 91(1) of the Canada Elections Act. “Today’s decision is a major victory for Canadian voters and for freedom of expression,” said CCF Executive Director, Joanna Baron. “The court struck down the provision of the Canada Election Act that prohibited publishing false statements because the government had removed the requirement to prove that the publisher knew the statements were false.” Thus, someone could have mistakenly made a false statement during an election, and faced severe penalties (including up to 5 years in jail). That’s something you would expect in an authoritarian state, not a supposedly ‘free’ country like Canada.