A Few Days After Treating CERB Recipients As A Joke, Ontario Government Further Cripples Small Businesses

Article Link: https://spencerfernando.com/2021/02/19/a-few-days-after-treating-cerb-recipients-as-a-joke-ontario-government-further-cripples-small-businesses/

Recently, the Ontario government made a mockery of CERB recipients by treating the idea of MPPs cutting their pay to the CERB as a joke and punishment with which to ridicule Independent MPP Roman Baber. As I wrote, by doing so they revealed something very ugly about their true attitudes: “They tell us “we’re all in this together,” and then laugh and mock that claim the second they are asked to make it into reality. What it shows is that most politicians never believed it. It was just a slogan they could use in the moment, and would never be allowed to interfere with their privileged position.” Now, as if that wasn’t enough, the Ontario government is once again crippling small businesses and hurting workers, which will force more people to depend on the same government benefits Ontario MPPs recently mocked. Ontario is extending lockdowns, despite little evidence for doing so.