‘Blood On Their Hands’: Minneapolis Business Owner Tears Into City Council That Called For Defunding Police

Article Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/blood-on-their-hands-minneapolis-business-owner-tears-into-city-council-that-called-for-defunding-police

On Tuesday, a Minneapolis business owner, responding to the news that the Minneapolis City Council was spending over $6 million to hire recruits for the city’s police force after having called in the past for defunding the police, stated, “They saw an opportunity to take down a system and they’ve got a lot of blood on their hands right now because of it. We had over 550 people shot in our city in 2020. We had over 80 murders and the far majority of those people, those victims, were people of color.” The exchange prompting the remark came on Fox & Friends. Host Peter Doocy asked business owner Jay Ettinger, “After the George Floyd unrest there were, the town council there in Minneapolis, said, ‘You know what? The police are doing a bad job. We’ve got to reimagine it; we’ve got to defund the police.’ And that became a movement all across the country. There were people who said taking money from the police does not make sense, and now fast forward to today and now your town council is saying, ‘You know what, we need more police.’ What happened?”