Watch: Garneau Refuses To Mention China’s Use Of Arbitrary Detention, Even As China Slams Declaration As ‘Attack’

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Which country is currently holding two Canadian Citizens in arbitrary detention? Which country has been repeatedly criticized by Canada’s allies for that arbitrary detention? Is it Djibouti? Is it Togo? Taiwan? Italy? Israel? Afghanistan? Mexico? Nope. None of those countries. It’s China, and you knew that already. But apparently, the Liberal government is too afraid to say so. They got 57 countries to sign up to a declaration condemning arbitrary detention. So far so good, surely the document must have mentioned the country that everyone knows is the issue here, right? Wrong. It doesn’t mention China. And that wasn’t some oversight. Liberal minister Marc Garneau made clear that the wouldn’t ‘single out’ any nation. Making this almost hilarious (if wasn’t disturbing and depressing), is that China didn’t care that they weren’t mentioned.