Trudeau’s Words On Federal Whistleblower Law An ‘Illusion,’ Warns Former Whistleblower

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Rather than being disappointed, former government whistleblower Joanna Gualtieri says she resents Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s non-committal response as to why he won’t beef up protections for public servants brave enough to flag what they believe to be wrongdoing. “It’s even more dangerous than keeping his mouth shut,” she said of Trudeau’s response to HuffPost Canada’s queries last week about the much-criticized whistleblower law. Despite promising in the Liberals’ 2019 election platform to enhance existing whistleblower programs “based on the best practices in other countries, including the United States,” the Trudeau government has failed to deliver. Last Tuesday, the prime minister told reporters gathered outside his Ottawa residence for his biweekly press conference that he knows “whistleblowers play an extremely important role in flagging how government can do better” but that the government had “taken significant measures to strengthen processes and procedures in supporting anyone who comes forward with concerns.”