‘Saturday Night Live’ Praises Gov Andrew Cuomo amid Covid-19 Scandal

Article Link: https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/02/15/saturday-night-live-praises-gov-andrew-cuomo-amid-covid-19-scandal/

Saturday Night Live focused this weekend on New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s looks rather than his administration’s coverup of coronavirus deaths in Empire State nursing homes. “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is a real-life model for Moe Szyslak, announced that more New Yorkers will be eligible for the COVID vaccine beginning next week,” cast member Michael Che said during the “Weekend Update” segment of the show. “New Yorkers will have to provide documentation of their condition and answer medical questions like, ‘Whats-a-matter, you?’” he continued. The decision to ignore one of the hottest political topics, Gov. Cuomo’s executive order to move sick COVID-19 patients to nursing homes and the ensuing cover-up, was noticeably an effort by SNL to protect Gov. Cuomo from forthcoming calls to resign amid investigation inquiries by state officials.