‘Equity’ Book Program Suspended After Backlash From Parents Over Third-Grade Transgender Book

Article Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/equity-book-program-suspended-after-backlash-from-parents-over-third-grade-transgender-book

A school district in Utah is suspending its “equity book bundles” program after receiving backlash from parents when a third-grade teacher read a book about a transgender boy to young students without parental permission. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a student of Horizon Elementary brought the book, “Call Me Max,” from home and asked the teacher to read it aloud. The Amazon description of “Call Me Max” reads: When Max starts school, the teacher hesitates to call out the name on the attendance sheet. Something doesn’t seem to fit. Max lets her know the name he wants to be called by–a boy’s name. This begins Max’s journey as he makes new friends and reveals his feelings about his identity to his parents. Written with warmth and sensitivity by trans writer Kyle Lukoff, this book is a sweet and age-appropriate introduction to what it means to be transgender. Murray School District spokesman Doug Perry said that as the teacher read the book, students began to ask questions. Perry added that one question was specifically about puberty.