Elected officials are responsible for civil unrest and the widening ideological gap

Article Link: https://thepostmillennial.com/elected-officials-are-responsible-for-civil-unrest-and-the-widening-ideological-gap

To all my elected officials in the US Congress and US Senate, I have watched the slow decline of civility in the United States of America. Polarized discussions, name-calling, opinionated political positions, race-baiting, and outright hatred is exhibited for those who do not believe, think, or act the way you do. There is no patience for other views or experiences outside of one’s narrow lens. I see a lack of compassion, caring, understanding, and critical conversation. I hear the howlers on the right and the left, while the silent majority in the middle goes unheard. I have watched US cities burn: Ferguson, Charlottesville, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Louisville, New York, Rochester, Chicago, Kenosha, and Philadelphia, to name a few. Where did this incivility and unrest start? What is the root cause of this activity? In my opinion, it began in the very halls of the Elected Officials who today are calling for unity. It started with the incivility in the US Congress and the US Senate.