Let it snow: Israel looking forward to ‘storm of the season’ next week

Article Link: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/let-it-snow-israel-looking-forward-to-storm-of-the-season-next-week-658746

Jerusalem may be at least sprinkled in white next week, as forecast models indicate that a cold wave and stormy weather is headed for the Holy Land starting on Tuesday night. “We’re seeing something that hasn’t been seen since 2005,” Alon Abarbanel, an economics student at Tel Hai and an amateur meteorologist, told Kan on Thursday. “There will be a very cold air system that slides in our direction. We are seeing snow that could accumulate in places like Jerusalem and Metula and not just in the Golan Heights. We’re all just waiting for it, especially with the slightly disappointing winter that has been until now. To get the icing on the cake would be amazing.”