AOC blamed Trump for assaults on elderly Asians; The attacker was Muslim

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When a video of an assault on a 91-year-old Asian man went viral, the media and civil rights groups were quick to blame President Trump for using the term, “Chinese Virus”. “We stand with our Asian American & Pacific Islander community against the rising tide of racism and hate crimes that have been stoked to a fever pitch, much of amplified by the actions of our last president,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tweeted another false accusation. But when the perpetrator was arrested, he turned out to be Muslim. Yahya Muslim had allegedly attacked a 60-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman the same day. His arrest told a larger story about why Asian people are really being attacked in Oakland. Muslim had been convicted of “assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury” in October 14, 2020 and was let off with an “unsentenced term”. He had also been convicted of the same charge in 2015 and got off with probation. Had he been locked up, the 91-year-old man he attacked would have been safe. California’s Democrat establishment and its media allies falsely blamed Trump for their own support for criminals like Muslim at the expense of their victims.