‘World’s Most Dangerous Malware’ Emotet Taken Down in International Cyber Crime Effort

Article Link: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-worlds-most-notorious-malware-network-emotet-taken-down-in-police-raid/

Perhaps the world’s most infamous phishing racket, the Emotet malware network has been taken down by police, sparing people around the globe millions of dollars in data-theft and computer, software, and network maintenance fees. In what was the cyber-equivalent to a massive international police raid, the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Lithuania, Holland, France, Ukraine, and Germany all participated in the bust. First observed in Europe in 2014, Emotet expanded its reach over the years and was behind millions of costly cyberattacks across the globe. The FBI opened its first related investigation when a North Carolina school district was compromised by Emotet in 2017. “The Emotet malware has evolved substantially since it was first observed by industry,” said Jessica Nye, a cyber team supervisor at the FBI of the announcement. “It became increasingly stealthy in its ability to gain access to your computer, which then opened the door to additional malware.”