While The Media Distracts With Impeachment, Biden Quietly Forces His Leftist Agenda Through

Article Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/while-the-media-distracts-with-impeachment-biden-quietly-forces-his-leftist-agenda-through

As the second impeachment of former president Donald Trump enters its second day, social media and legacy media alike are laser-focussed on the events in Washington, D.C. More specifically, they are entirely focused on the appalling events which unfolded in the Capitol on January 6, making the clear unquestionable conclusion that Trump — and by the transitive property of conservative bigotry, his supporters — is somehow responsible for this unique display of political violence. CNN’s Brian Stelter, host of the oxymoronic show “Reliable Sources,” promoted the idea that “MAGA media hosts are talking about the riot totally differently, delicately referring to ‘the events of January 6’ as a protest that ‘got out of hand…’” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes applied a logical trick which presented Trump’s impeachment trial as a “guilty until proven innocent” situation, assuming the contentious premise that Trump incited violence as he wrote “It is pretty striking that for all the talking points from Republicans and even Trump’s lawyers basically no one — as far as I can tell — actually defends what Trump did.”