WALSH: Media Says Capitol Riot Killed Five People. The Truth Is More Complicated

Article Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/walsh-media-says-capitol-riot-killed-five-people-the-truth-is-more-complicated

We have been reminded repeatedly that the riot in DC on January 6th was “deadly” and “fatal” and “lethal,” as it has been variously described. The point is being hammered with extra enthusiasm during the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump this week. It is a point the media has cemented in the public consciousness over the course of the last month. Five deaths. That is the number we’ve been given by The New York Times and other legacy outlets. In fact, all in all, a total of seven deaths — four civilians and three police officers — have been tied to the riot. The odd thing, though, is that most of these deaths are discussed only in the most general and vague terms. We are told that people died, and we are given the approximate alleged context of their deaths, but very little is said about how it happened. But the “how” seems rather important. It is certainly important to the families, who have a right to know exactly how and why their loved ones perished.