‘Ugly’ third wave of COVID-19 around April ‘inevitable’ for Ontario, expert says

Article Link: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ugly-third-wave-of-covid-19-around-april-inevitable-for-ontario-expert-says-1.5303510

An infectious disease expert says he believes that highly contagious variants of COVID-19 will trigger an “ugly” third wave of the pandemic around April that could send Ontario into a third lockdown. “The third wave is inevitable,” Colin Furness, an expert in infectious disease epidemiology from the University of Toronto, told CTV News Toronto. “And I think the third wave is the big one for us.” Earlier this week, the Ontario government revealed the framework for the regional reopening of the province as COVID-19 case numbers declined to levels not seen since last year. But as a stay-at-home order is expected to be gradually lifted across Ontario over the next two weeks, Furness worries that COVID-19 variants, including the strains first identified in Brazil, South Africa and the U.K., will be difficult to slow down. Ontario health officials have so far discovered 228 cases of the U.K. variant, also known as B.1.1.7, and three cases of the South African variant, also known as B.1.351.