CNN’s Don Lemon Has the Nerve to Lecture Trump Supporters on Respecting Cops

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As if impeachment weren’t bad enough, now the country gets lectured by Don Lemon – on respect for law enforcement. The most tiresome personality on the network that bills itself as “most trusted name in news” took his viewers to a new depth Tuesday with a spin on the opening of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that was obviously meant to stoke the now-standard feeling of superiority among the liberal elites who sneer at Trump supporters. But all it really did was show up the leftist hypocrisy. After opening a segment with footage of the Jan. 6 incursion into the U.S. Capitol, Lemon launched into a diatribe on the apparent assumption — or delusion — that some Trump supporters were actually watching his show as it aired. (The conservative website TrulyTimes has the video here, with a piece by Breitbart TV video editor Pam Key.)