WHO’s latest China-virus whitewash

Article Link: https://nypost.com/2021/02/09/whos-latest-china-virus-whitewash/

A team of World Health Organization investigators have “found” exactly what Beijing wants the world to believe about the origins of COVID-19: It’s “extremely unlikely” the virus leaked from a Chinese lab. Count it as yet another WHO whitewash. The team spent a few days in Wuhan, where the outbreak was initially traced to a seafood market in late 2019 — and where, China admits, the government did its best to scrub all evidence. So it’s little surprise the investigators learned little. Nor, given China’s ruthless use of its power over international organizations, a surprise at all that WHO offered that “unlikely” statement. In fact, the team also said more work is needed to identify the source of the virus, while sticking to the standard guess that the bug crossed to humans via “an intermediary host species,” as WHO food safety and animal diseases expert Peter Ben Embarek put it.