Dem Rep Could Barely Hold Off for a Month Before Going Back to Supporting Riots

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To a certain brand of leftist, some riots are more equal than others. Americans who watched the nation’s cities torn apart over the summer by “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter riots already knew the country’s liberal politicians and mainstream media took a distorted view of violence for political ends. But on the eve of an unprecedented impeachment trial for a no-longer-sitting president, one Democratic lawmaker has taken that distortion to new depths. Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, the newly elected leftist who’s clearly gunning for a place of prominence in the Congressional Squad Caucus, reacted to a riot over the weekend in a St. Louis jail by invoking the name of the nation’s most revered civil rights leader. “A riot is the language of the unheard,” Bush tweeted, quoting Martin Luther King Jr. while retweeting images from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch showing Saturday’s disturbance at the St. Louis City Justice Center.