Report: Biden Administration Abandoning $15 Minimum Wage Over Worries It ‘Wont Survive’ COVID Talks

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The Biden White House is reportedly giving up on a federal minimum wage hike out of fear the measure will make the COVID-19 relief bill unpalatable to moderate Democrats and some Republicans, leaving the administration struggling to make good on a primary campaign promise. President Joe Biden insists that his administration is in line with progressive, however, who have been demanding the administration “Fight for $15,” and that a measure hiking the federal minimum wage will come later. “President Joe Biden said it is unlikely a $15 federal minimum wage provision makes it into the next Covid-19 relief package, hitting pause on a key campaign promise as Democrats in Congress press ahead to pass $1.9 trillion in stimulus without Republican support,” NBC News reported Sunday. The problem appears to be two-fold, however. In order to pass the COVID-19 relief measure on a typical vote, Biden will require Republican support for the measure — support he’s not likely to get if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) insists that the bill contain the minimum wage hike.