Why are Democrats so scared of Donald Trump when they just defeated him?

Article Link: https://nypost.com/2021/02/04/why-are-democrats-so-scared-of-trump-when-they-just-beat-him/

Donald Trump is washed up. A has-been. Everyone hates him, and he has no future. That’s what the press is constantly telling us. So why are the Democrats still afraid of him? According to the press narrative, Trump suffered a crushing electoral defeat. Democrats are firmly in charge of the White House and Congress. America is returning to normalcy, with the reassuring (if sometimes a bit confused) face of President Biden beaming over all of us like a benevolent grandpa. We’re ready to move on. That’s the story, but the Democrats’ actions give it the lie. In a nation returning to “normalcy,” does Congress cower behind armed troops and 12-foot fences? Does a party securely in control try to enlist tech firms and media to snuff out voices of opposition?