‘Living hard drives’ could be future solution for storing data, scientists say

Article Link: https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/living-hard-drives-could-be-future-solution-for-storing-data-scientists-say-1.5295375

Scientists working with CRISPR technology have made advancements in encoding data inside the DNA of bacteria, essentially creating “living hard drives” which could be the future for information storage. While storing data in DNA is not a new idea, systems biologist Harris Wang at Columbia University in New York is one of the scientists working on streamlining the encoding process. “DNA is a ubiquitous information storage medium, it’s already where we store all of our cells’ information, it’s everywhere,” Wang said on CTV’s Your Morning Thursday. Wang said the benefits to using DNA as storage include its capacity, which is about “one thousand times denser” than the current most compact hard drives.