Beijing Already Bossing Biden Around, Issues a ‘Red Line’ and Demands He Strictly Abide by It

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While many American Democrats are happy to see President Joe Biden in office, their joy is seemingly overshadowed by that of the People’s Republic of China. In his defeat of former President Donald Trump, Biden replaced a thorn in China’s side with an administration headed by an “old friend” of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Now, it appears the Asian superpower is taking advantage of the White House’s changing attitudes by issuing a “red line” that it expects Biden not to cross. Yang Jiechi, one of Xi’s top foreign policy officials and a member of the nation’s Communist Party, warned American leadership that controversial events in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and the Uighurs’ homeland of Xinjiang were all issues for China alone to manage. “They constitute a red line that must not be crossed,” Yang said, according to the South China Morning Post.