Rogers Class-Action Lawsuit Means Telecom Might Owe You More Than $300

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Did you pay a big cell phone cancellation fee to Rogers a decade ago? You might be eligible for over $300 in reimbursement thanks to a class-action lawsuit. And time is running out to claim the money. The Quebec Superior Court ruled Dec. 5, 2014 that Rogers Wireless Communications must reimburse former customers for early cancellation fees paid between February 2008 and June 2013. The fees were paid by people who cancelled their Rogers plans early, but the court ruling deemed the cancellation fees “abusive.” Reimbursement payments range from $42.70 to $327.91, depending on the type of service purchased and as of Feb.1, 2021, around 80,000 former Rogers customers still haven’t claimed their reimbursements. The payouts owed by Rogers total $26 million — and about eight million dollars of that has yet to be claimed.