Leaked Video: Facebook Execs Admit They Have Too Much Power, Are Excited to Work with Biden

Article Link: https://www.westernjournal.com/leaked-video-facebook-execs-admit-much-power-excited-work-biden/

Facebook executives admitted that they have too much power as a private company and that they are looking forward to working with the Biden administration in a recent video leaked by an insider. The insider shared the video with Project Veritas, which has since released the video to the public. The video includes footage from Jan. 7 and Jan. 21 where CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives admit “to the company’s wide-ranging powers to censor political speech and promote partisan objectives,” according to Project Veritas. In the Jan. 7 video, Zuckerberg accused former President Trump of undermining “the peaceful and lawful transition of power.” “It’s so important that our political leaders lead by example, make sure we put the nation first here, and what we’ve seen is that the president has been doing the opposite of that,” Zuckerberg said.