Bigger Parties Are Blocking Greens From Asking Trudeau Questions: May

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The Green Party is accusing mainstream parties of freezing it out of chances to question Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Parliament. The Greens’ parliamentary leader, Elizabeth May, raised the alarm this week on what she described as an undemocratic practice that leaves the 1.1 million Green Party voters in the country with less of a voice in the House of Commons. The Liberals, Conservatives, Bloc Québécois and NDP have conspired to “block” the Greens from holding Trudeau’s feet to the fire by preventing her party from asking questions on Wednesdays — the day the prime minister responds to questions from all MPs — she told HuffPost Canada Friday. Nobody will confirm who took the lead, or who, if anyone, opposed the move, May said, “but definitely the House leaders of the Conservatives, Liberals, Bloc and NDP signed off on rules to the Speaker that said none of the Green MPs, not Jody Wilson-Raybould, nobody who isn’t in one of our parties will ever have a question on Wednesday.”