Is Leftism Losing Steam? Conservative Icon’s Popularity with Younger Generation Offers Hope

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The work of Thomas Sowell is not only celebrated by older, more seasoned conservatives; it seems to be appreciated by younger generations as well. Often heralded as one of the most brilliant economists and social theorists of the past half-century, Sowell has built up quite an impressive résumé over the course of his long career, with much of his work focusing on the most divisive social issues of the modern era — race relations and economic inequality. Conventional wisdom would say young people would not be very interested in learning from a 90-year-old economist. However, the evidence seems to show that they are. During a recent interview with Jason Riley, a Wall Street Journal columnist who has studied Sowell’s work extensively, popular political commentator Dave Rubin asserted that he’s seen increasing enthusiasm for Sowell’s work among young people.