Trudeau Put His Trust In China & Now Canadians Are Paying The Price

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For a long-time, many people have been warning that it is dangerous for Canada to have a Prime Minister who seems to be so unable to see the true nature of the Chinese Communist State. And, in the case of Justin Trudeau, that is being charitable. The nicest interpretation is that Trudeau is naïve about China. The more concerning interpretation, which appears to match with his past praise of other dictators like Fidel Castro, is that Trudeau really does admire socialist dictators, as his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau seemed to as well. Now, Trudeau seems to have belatedly woken up to the real nature of the Chinese Communist Party, with the government toughening up their language and actions somewhat. However, there is still far too much trust towards China being shown by the Canadian government, and that was seen most clearly in how the government sought to partner with China on a vaccine, rather than partner with our democratic allies or support domestic vaccine candidates.