O’Toole: Trudeau faces ‘conflict of interest’ if he picks next governor general

Article Link: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/o-toole-trudeau-faces-conflict-of-interest-if-he-picks-next-governor-general-1.5288589

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should not nominate the next governor general on his own because doing so during a minority government could pose a potential conflict of interest. In an interview with Evan Solomon for CTV’s Question Period, O’Toole suggested that Trudeau should use an arms-length panel to nominate the next governor general, a move the Conservatives have pushed for since Julie Payette’s resignation. O’Toole said that, with the possibility of an election looming, Trudeau should not be personally involved in the decision. “In a minority Parliament where the prime minister is every day posturing that he might walk to the governor general, I think he’s in a conflict of interest, personally,” O’Toole said. Trudeau said last week that he is reassessing the vetting process for top-level appointments to see how it can be improved to avoid future unprecedented departures, though he was non-committal on what any potential changes may look like.