Liberal Government Announces Draconian New Travel & Quarantine Rules Now That All The Politicians Are Safely Back Home

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The Trudeau government is bringing in new travel restrictions, including the draconian use of government power to enforce quarantines. Travellers – including Canadian Citizens – who enter the country will have to get a PCR test, quarantine for up to 3 days while awaiting results, and then quarantine at a hotel designated by the government at their own expense, likely more than $2,000. Flights by airlines to Caribbean destinations will also be ended. Even with a negative result, travellers will have to quarantine under state surveillance: “Those with negative test results will then be able to quarantine at home under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement. Those with positive tests will be immediately required to quarantine in designated government facilities to make sure they’re not carrying variants of potential concern.” Additionally, as reported by Global News, the government is hiring private security firms to conduct surveillance and ‘compliance visits.’