Here’s What Hunter Biden Has Been Up to Since Joe Biden Became President

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The man whose sketchy activities in China and Ukraine were a major sensation until his father’s election as president is now a man sketching out a low-profile existence as an artist. Hunter Biden, who will turn 51 this week, is now preparing for an art show in New York City with Soho art dealer Georges Berges, according to the New York Post. The Post said Berges “was once arrested for ‘terrorist threats’ and assault with a deadly weapon in California and has strong ties to China.” Biden, however, is not a starving artist. He’s renting a Hollywood Hills home for $12,000 a month while also maintaining a Washington, D.C., home. Last weekend, brief media reports emerged when the activities of Hunter Biden in pursuit of a bagel became social media fodder for Matt Viser, White House reporter for The Washington Post.