Fearing Beijing crackdown, thousands flee Hong Kong for the U.K.

Article Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/hong-kong-flee-china-uk-crackdown-1.5895151

Territory ‘no longer somewhere we can call home,’ says one emigrant. Cindy had a comfortable lifestyle in Hong Kong: she owned several properties with her husband, they had a good business going. But last year she made up her mind to leave it all behind and move her family to Britain, and not even a global pandemic was going to sway her decision. “To uproot ourselves like this is definitely not easy. But things got uglier last year, the government was really driving us away,” said the businesswoman and mother of two young children who didn’t give her family name because she feared repercussions for speaking out against the Chinese government. “Everything we value — freedom of speech, fair elections, liberties — has been eroded. It’s no longer the Hong Kong we knew, it’s no longer somewhere we can call home.”