Erin O’Toole risks depressing party base without winning new support

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63 and 23. Those are the numbers that likely have Conservative strategists up at night. What do they mean? What is the significance? Well, 63 is the percent of 2019 Conservative voters who have a favourable view of Erin O’Toole, while 23 is the percent who have an unfavourable view. 14 percent are undecided. That’s according to the new Angus Reid poll, showing O’Toole is the most unpopular federal party leader in the country. His big problem is that his support within his own party is far weaker than that of the other party leaders. For example, 89 percent of 2019 NDP voters support Jagmeet Singh, while 83 percent of 2019 Bloc voters support Yves-Francois Blanchet. Even Annamie Paul, the relatively new Green Leader, is doing better within her party than O’Toole, with 65 percent of 2019 Green voters having a favourable view of her.