CTV broke ethics code in biased report on former president Trump

Article Link: https://tnc.news/2021/01/28/ctv-broke-ethics-code-in-biased-report-on-former-president-trump/

A recent ruling by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) found that a CTV National News program from last year violated the code of ethics for Canadian broadcasters. At issue was a Sept. 9, 2020 panel on which CTV reporter Joy Malbon stated former US president Donald Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.” A viewer complained that CTV misrepresented the former president as that he had never claimed that the virus itself was a hoax but rather that the Democrats’ politicization of the pandemic was. “Ms. Malbon has lied to the audience about what was said and what the ‘hoax’ was referring to as said by President Trump. This needs to be corrected if CTV National News has any integrity. It is obvious by the stories, tone and words used by the anchor of CTV National News and the reporters on this show that they have complete disdain for President Trump,” wrote the complainant.