Biden Launches Quasi ‘Green New Deal,’ With Promises Galore

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On Wednesday, President Biden launched his $2 trillion environmental plan, “a Green New Deal-like initiative aimed at putting ‘climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy,’” the New York Post reported. Speaking at the White House, Biden stated, “Today is climate day at the White House, which means that today is jobs day at the White House. … In my view, we’ve already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis; we can’t wait any longer. We see it with our own eyes, we feel it, we know it in our bones, and it’s time to act.” Biden promised union members millions of jobs: “When I think of climate change and the answers to it, I think of jobs. A key plank of our build back better recovery plan is building a modern, resilient climate infrastructure and clean energy future that will create millions of good-paying union jobs — not seven, eight, 10, $12 an hour, but prevailing wage and benefits.”