Parents Beware: New Viral Challenge Leaves 10-Year-Old Girl Brain Dead

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With many adults and kids being at home for work and school, people are on electronic devices more than ever. For many, that means browsing social media even more as in-person communication has been severely limited. If you’ve spent any time at all on these platforms, you’ve probably noticed how quickly challenges can go viral — but many of them are more prevalent among the younger age groups. hese “challenges” are rarely productive or beneficial and are repeats of “challenges” that used to take place in schoolyards and anywhere else bored kids congregate. One such activity that has gone digital is the “blackout challenge,” where kids choke themselves until they pass out. There are many forms of the game, and it also goes by “the fainting game,” the “passout challenge,” “the game of choking,” “hangman” and “speed dreaming.”