Wolf Blitzer Hits Trump with One Last Hypocritical Insult, Mocks His Farewell Crowd Size While Biden Speaks to Nearly Empty Mall

Article Link: https://www.westernjournal.com/wolf-blitzer-hits-trump-one-last-hypocritical-insult-mocks-farewell-crowd-size-biden-speaks-nearly-empty-mall/

Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden was, predictably, the establishment media victory lap everyone was waiting for. Remember Donald Trump’s inauguration day four years ago? His address was described as a “dark, threatening first speech” (Quartz), and the media pressed him on admitting how small his crowd was in comparison to Barack Obama’s inaugural festivities in 2008. On Wednesday, we had CNN’s Anderson Cooper telling poet Amanda Gorman, who read at the Biden event, “Wow. You’re awesome.” Not that the poem wasn’t good, but one guesses Cooper wasn’t complimenting the poetry. If that didn’t sum up the temperature of the day on CNN for you, there was always Wolf Blitzer’s remarks as Trump left the White House for Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.