Seagrass Balls Filter Millions of Plastic Particles From Water, Says New Study

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Good News Network has covered how resilient and good for the climate seagrass meadows are, but now a new study proves they can provide even more value to humans looking to help heal the wounds inflicted on our planet. Spanish researchers have documented that seagrass ‘Neptune balls’ can act like plastic mousetraps, entangling bits of waste in their leaves and foiling their attempts to trick sea life into eating them. Using mathematical extrapolation estimates, the researchers suggest that there could be as many as 900 million bits of plastic entangled in seagrass beds in the Mediterranean alone, representing “a continuous purge of plastic debris out of the sea.” “We show that plastic debris in the seafloor can be trapped in seagrass remains, eventually leaving the marine environment through beaching,” lead author Anna Sanchez-Vidal, a marine biologist at the University of Barcelona, told AFP.